Graffiti Hall of Fame

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013 at 10:58 am

The Graffiti Hall of Fame

When Subway Art legends, Part and Joey of TDS Crew invited me to paint the main wall within the Graffiti Hall of Fame I was honored. The date was set for August 24th. 2013 and thus far the summer had been packed with painting and cross -country travelling. I was creating a mural in Rochester New York when I found out that I was invited to paint the biggest wall within the Graffiti Hall of Fame. Initially I suggested Binho, from San Paulo Brazil to collaborate with me since we had been working together in Rochester. He was excited to join the project but had to return back to Brazil to complete a bunch of art projects of his own. It was in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where I met Chemis, from the Czech Republic, as we were painting on the historic Lincoln Theater together. While developing a creative partnership he told me had made reservations to travel to New York. I was like oh really… guess what I’ve been invited to paint the big wall in the Graffiti Hall of Fame! Want to join me? Yes of course he replied.

New York City has always been the center of Graffiti/Spray Paint Culture and the Graffiti Hall of Fame holds a special place within the heart and mind of every writer worldwide. So it was a challenge developing a concept that would have a lasting impression while measuring up to all the great art that had been done there in the past. However I was determined to accomplish my goal of bringing a meaningful piece of ART and soul back to New York, a city who’s people are exposed to high levels of stress and anxiety. Therefore we chose colors that were energetic powerful and healing, purples oranges and greens, with red as the center. Like a work out and a meditation combined I practically buffed the entire wall by myself. For 3 days Chemis and I worked diligently on the background for before the other artist arrived and we were glad for this. We really didn’t have a total plan in place so I we didn’t want the pressure of other artist questioning what we were doing at the time. All I knew was that I wanted to create a heart in the center of the wall to symbolize New York as the Heart of Graffiti and I wanted to say something that paid tribute to our journey as Writers and authors of a movement that has inspired and entire generation to create and fight for their freedom of expression.
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