Pose2 graffiti, aerosol, and mural art

Pose 2 is a Graffiti Writer; his evolutionary style is the driving force and inspiration that keeps him seeking new aspects of himself. His paintings have evolved and merged the elements from hardcore street alphabets and nature’s elegant beauty to form an 'abstract organic union.' "My present style represents the exploration of my interpersonal growth and interaction with nature".

Daniel (Pose 2) Hopkins was born in the Bronx and raised in Yonkers, New York. He is a graduate of Brockport University with BA degree in Business and a Minor in Fine Art. He has painted murals and exhibited his work in Dubai, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Paris, Osaka, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, Numerous books, feature films, magazines, and videos highlight the insightful thoughts Pose 2 values and shares about "Graffiti as an Art Form" and why its so important in this present moment in history.

Pose2 graffiti, aerosol, and mural art

"Powerful images of color and stylishly formed letters flowing through New York City synchronized with the movement of subway steel evoked in me a calling to claim this art form called 'graffiti' as my own and a passion to enlighten others as to it's beauty, depth and strength."

pose2 graffiti, aerosol, and mural art

College days brought influences of another kind: technical clarity and figurative style from an art form of another tradition - Fine Art. "With these two art movements as my wells of inspiration I reflect the inner workings of my mind in my work as a fusion of both Graffiti and Fine Art that is distinctly Pose2."

mrmaxxmoses graffiti, aerosol, and mural art

Graffiti pioneers, crews and kings were already well established by 1989 when Pose 2 returned to NYC. "I refused to be overlooked and decided I had to be dramatically different ... Forget what everyone else was doing, it was time to change the game." Through sheer determination, desire and the influences of Surrealism, Pose2 birthed a mutant style. This fusion of Wild Style and Fine Art became the identity of a new brand and the evolution of a new man - MR. MAXX MOSES.

mrmaxxmoses graffiti, aerosol, and mural art

As this artist vision and identity evolved, so did his responsibility to the community. Within Philadelphia, Maxx Moses developed into an art educator, muralist, and an organizer. His ability to amass large groups of people was enhanced in 1997 when he created the BBOY BBQ, an annual art festival that celebrates the traditions of Hip Hop culture. As an art educator, he produced workshops, developed curricula, and worked intensively with inmates in the Pennsylvania prison system. Mr. Maxx Moses flourished as a muralist within the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. His collaborative three-dimensional mural projects are evidence that he remains on the cutting edge of innovation and vision. The evolution of Mr. Maxx Moses is comparable to that of a butterfly, beautiful and free ... perhaps this is why the butterfly has become an iconic image identified with Mr. Moses more recent works.

Ask this artist to describe his work, his process or, better yet, his philosophy and he'll explain that he is a Concrete Alchemist. "My work is transformational; it is purposely designed to uplift, enlighten and inspire the way people think and feel. Check out my present work, my colors are brighter and my concepts are more related to nature but my designs still carry the energy of the streets ... Alchemy."

The projects Maxx Moses is now engaged with are driven with this sense of purpose. "I am ushering in a new movement which invigorates people through this process of art. This is very important to me especially now because humanity is presently on the verge of a spiritual explosion. Our human potential is about to expand beyond our imaginations and visionary artists are the keys to unlocking that doorway."

Concrete Alchemy is defined by Maxx Moses as a new art movement where spontaneity is the essential element of the creative process. "This process of creativity nourishes and supports the ideas of all those who participate. This, in turn, cultivates and enhances and often transforms communities. The creative souls who claim to be Concrete Alchemists are warriors. These warriors are steadfast in bringing their souls dreams to reality. Their dreams are visions of tomorrow ... A Golden Day.

"I AM a Concrete Alchemist."

"I AM Mr. Maxx Moses."