June 13th, 2014 | mrmaxxmoses

Crossroads Mural with Words Beats & Life is off and running, literally! Bikers, joggers and just passersby are enjoying the progress and live painting. Along the Red Line Metro, between Rhode Island and Noma Station, adjacent the bike trail, Coby Kennedy, Cita Chelove, and Maxx Moses are painting a 300 ft. mural. Each Artist is expressing their vision and individual story that will eventually fuse together as one elaborate painting.
To follow the progress go to INSTAGRAM #crossroadsmural

“One Sip” is all it takes

May 22nd, 2014 | mrmaxxmoses

One Sip aka Deeply Rooted

Towards the end of February 2014, I began sketching the concept for “One Sip”, a large mural to be painted this spring in Washington DC. It was the first of three sketches I submitted to Mazi, of Words Beats & Life, who in turn had to present the sketches for selection. During the selection process I too did a survey online to see which of the three drawings people gravitated towards and One Sip was the one.
It was great painting from such a detailed sketch, an approach and style reminiscent of my works in New York and Philly back in the 90’s, abstract surrealistic funk, but now with more color and energy.

Another great feature of this mural was the people themselves, having the apprentices to work with during this project helped keep the process light and filled with laughter as I skillfully guided them to work with quality. Lead by Maceo Thomas, the people of ward 7 rallied together and financially contributed a portion of their own monies to help bring this project to fruition, “that’s what I call Community.” The Mural was painted on the side of the Thai Orchid Restaurant, the owner; Vernon and his wife greatly appreciated all the good vibes that surrounded the event, showing gratitude by keeping us well feed throughout process.

February 27 marked the closing of 2 1/2 years of work towards my solo exhibition Good Morning America. In which the book is now available at The energy directed towards making that show was intense and it was truly a breath of fresh air to paint a large- scale mural with big strokes and a fresh palette of colors. Although I finished the sketch weeks before going to Peru the actual painting didn’t take place until I returned late March. Travel for me is very important, it offers me the opportunity to witness how live and interact with there surroundings, how they create what they it and value as most important. All this information inspires me its like food for my soul. Within the painting “One Sip” if you look closely at the green thumb you will notice the influences of my travels to Machu Pichu embedded within that Magical City had such an impact upon me I had to pay homage to it. Another interesting element found within “One Sip” is the main character, in which many people refer to as a Pinocchio. I wasn’t thinking of Pinocchio while drawing the piece although the idea of traveling to Italy was in the forefront of my mind. A week after “One Sip” was completed I arrived in Milan Italy, for the Meeting Of Styles event hosted by my good friend Marte of Nuclear 1. unknowingly the story of Pinocchio originates from Italy and upon my arrival I seen plenty of Pinocchio puppets and was like dam… “What we’ve experienced or want to experience has an interesting way of presenting itself’”.

ONE SIP aka deeply rooted

Latido Americano… 2014

May 22nd, 2014 | mrmaxxmoses

While in Lima for 10 days painting I learned to be even more patient, things don’t happen as quickly as in the states especially when the organizers have to transport 30 Artists a day to paint and party all night lol. Anyway here are some of the images from the event Latido Americano 2014. This was an unforgettable experience. Throughout this journey my computer got stolen, bank account hacked I got so sick when I arrived in Cuzco due to altitude and I missed my flight home… causing me to sleep in two different countries for 12 hours each. And I still can say this was the best trip ever for real we painted all day and danced at night what an experience!!! lol


Painting Lima…

March 6th, 2014 | mrmaxxmoses

So the first few days here in Lima have been amazing meeting and connecting with all these fantastically creative individuals Oz Montania, Cix Mugre Krew, Joan Entes Jimenez Suero and many others from all over the world is inspiring. The great surprise is that a good friend of mine from Philly is here Betsy Casanas whom I haven’t seen in years. Lima is big and we covered a lot of land in the first couple of days even got to go up in the hills where some of the locals live where people are financially poor but spirits are rich with a beautiful sense of community and strength.

Lima is in the process of building its subway system and yesterday we met the all the officials and now we are going to create art along the Metro lines… Today we begin… Stay tuned.

Good Morning America… WAKE UP Time

January 10th, 2014 | mrmaxxmoses

January 8, 2014
Contact: Vallo Riberto 619-421-6700 ext. 5383

COLLEGE ART GALLERY, 5:300 to 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, JANUARY 30, 2014
With a special closing party 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, February 22, 2014
“ Good Morning America “ is an audio/visual installation by acclaimed artist, Maxx Moses.
Mr. Maxx Moses has created Good Morning America as a collection of paintings to shine a light on the red white and Blues of the “American Dream”. This collection of paintings will be a departure from his dreamy, palatable abstract expressions, the iconic, signature images so familiar to his internationally acclaimed graffiti murals. The images from Good Morning America will disturb your emotions and evoke many of the old racial taboos that still lie smoldering beneath the surface of the American, cultural landscape. This historical interpretation, “Good Morning America” revisits slavery, religion, political ideology and of course sex.
“The goal of this exhibition is to create an installation of large- scale paintings along with conceptual products and music, all infused with an eerie twist of satire inciting us to reflect upon the symbolism, and spiritual dogma we have been conditioned to live with and ingest as the truth”. Maxx

”It’s truly a blessing to become acquainted with your work, which is rich with a necessary criticism and deep reflection on our cultural representation.
I remember reading somewhere in the works of Langston Hughes where he wrote, “America, was never America to me.” Your work reminds me of this. I think about how (white) America loves to wrap its tentacles around the work of our ancestors and take claim of their art, as (white) American art. They chose to include our work when it is convenient and beneficial to them, accepting Black people when their cultural contributions can be commoditized and exploited. This is the new age means of colonizing the body of our cultural ideas. When I ‘read’ your artwork, it says to me, “America was never America to me,” and echoes the sentiment of so many who resisted both cultural and social integration into the American system”.
Dr. Rachel N. Hastings,

Assistant Professor of Communication, Southwestern College

Maxx Moses Solo Exhibition

January 1st, 2014 | mrmaxxmoses

Good Morning America

Good Morning America is a collection of paintings by Mr. Maxx Moses designed to shine light on the red white and Blues of the “American Dream”. This collection of paintings will be a departure from his dreamy palatable abstract expressions. they will disturb your emotions and evoke the taboo. This historical interpretation “Good Morning America” revisits slavery, religion, political ideology and of course sex.
The goal of this exhibition is to create an installation of about 16 large- scale paintings along with conceptual products and videos, all infused with an eerie twist of satire inciting us to reflect upon the symbolism, and spiritual dogma we have been conditioned to live with and ingest as the truth.
frontgma copybackgma

Private Commissions

December 30th, 2013 | mrmaxxmoses

here are a few of the private commissions done on canvass created this year. It was a challenge getting these done in between all the mural work this year so a special thanks goes out to my clients who where patient during the process.
cosmic love eternal blisssmbluein thefacesmbrazilsm

San Diego Got Style…

December 3rd, 2013 | mrmaxxmoses


Last weekend at the Writerz Blok, the San Diego Graff Writers, B-boys, Emcees and Djays all came together to rock the house. Its a pleasure to bask in the sunshine of the art form we created, maintain and practice. Big Ups Writerz Blok and Izzy from Wild Style Technicians for making this years event a continued success. Rock On San Diego…
izzy in actionbugie in actionArestzaneTCR CREWpose 2

Angels in Virginia, says Maxx Moses

November 29th, 2013 | mrmaxxmoses

Last year I had the opportunity to paint the wall above the elevator at the brand new Angelika Theater in Fairfax Va. This year they invited me back again to paint upstairs in their newly renovated lounge area. It has been a pleasure working with the staff at this location and of course Mazi of Word Beats & Life who organized it all. Big Ups to my entire east coast family, it’s always a pleasure spending between gigs catching up with you all. PEACE

Don’t Bite… Go Deeper

October 28th, 2013 | mrmaxxmoses

“DON’T BITE GO DEEPER” is dedicated to all of those who are seeking to find a STYLE outside of your SELF… go deeper baby

After months of travel throughout the country its finally good to come home rest recharge and create something for myself. Presently I’m working on my 2014 Solo Exhibition… “GOOD MORNING AMERICA” which promises to be the most disturbing and thought provoking work I’ve ever created… so I have to go in deep and this weekend after Seeing the movie “12 Years a Slave” and the play “The Tallest Tree In The Forest I took a break from my canvass work and finally finished this one… enjoy.
dont' bite 2don't bite3don't bite... go deeper

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