Son, Mommy Loves You

Wednesday, December 18th, 2019 at 9:09 am

Son, Mommy loves you

2020 begins with a mural I will dedicate to my mother the late Marion Hopkins. The photo is a mockup of a mural that I will be painting in the alley behind the Studio door in Hillcrest, 3867 4th. Avenue. The bottom half is complete the top part is not done yet. It is not a project I am not being paid to do. it is a dedication to all mothers and sons. This year I witnessed some of my best friends losing their mom’s and I understand how deeply that impacts a son’s life. I observe my youngest son and witness how much he loves his mom and how much she loves him. Still in the afterlife Marion Hopkins comforts my soul and communicates with me, conveying love, courage, determination and the guidance to live out my life’s purpose. It was her insistent desire to create and unpredictable nature that fostered my curiosity and reason to question everything. Her adventurous spirit inspired travel and exploration in my soul which ultimately lead me to find the Art form that opened the door to my inner evolution, Graffiti. My calm cool demeanor, that’s pops influence all the way. But mommies unorthodox approach to life and undeniable quest for freedom resonates deep within my being. So as we welcome in 2020, I’d like to begin with an homage to Mothers and their connection to sons. Opening the year with a gateway of appreciation, adoration, love and connectedness. That umbilical cord type connectedness that physically is cut but spiritually is never severed. I know this, because I can hear my mother often saying… Son, Mommy Loves You.
I buy 80% of my art supplies at Artist Craftsman and Supply, the staff there is amazing. I told them about my concept “Son, Mommy Loves You” and they are supporting my vision by suppling all the materials to bring this project to fruition.
The momentum is building but and I need help getting to the top of that wall. So I scissor lift with an elbow arm is required to make this job complete. Also some good music, food and energy from art lovers and supporters. Most of the time I am painting alone but not this time. This time I want to feel your presence to be there from the start to the finish. This Process is a celebration of connection, an invitation to Mothers and their sons, families and friends to experience the creative process and the connection of love through Art.

Saturday January 18th. through Monday January 20th. More details and how you can participate coming SOON!

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