Pose Two goes to Dubai (press release)

Friday, October 3rd, 2008 at 2:08 pm

Press release: Local graffiti artists going to Dubai.

Public Artists to Explore and Transform Public Spaces in Dubai

Pose2 creating art

Pose2 creating art

(Washington, DC / Dubai, United Arab Emirates, October 4 -18, 2008) – American public artists will visit Dubai this week to create innovative public art projects that promote community engagement, civic pride and artistic creativity of local residents. Albus Cavus is an artist collective that reinvents and revitalizes public spaces for better service to community. The scale of the planned Dubai projects range from small murals and sculptures to large parks that are designed to foster imagination and playfulness.

Albus Cavus representatives Peter Krsko, Jason “Chor Boogie” Hailey and Daniel “Pose 2” Hopkins will travel to Dubai in the first two weeks of October to meet with community members, artists, students and innovative professionals to learn about demand for public spaces. Dubai’s fast-growing metropolis offers an opportunity to be on the cutting edge of community art projects. The three will present their artwork and initiate art ventures that will have positive effect on neighborhood life. This model follows Albus Cavus’s celebrated art projects in New Brunswick, NJ and their recent tour of the East Coast, called the Concrete Alchemy Tour.

The artists grew up in America’s urban centers, surrounded by ill-designed public spaces that alienated the young residents. Their art of graffiti has become a direct response to grey and decaying landscape. Though illegal, graffiti became successful in improving visual state of many neighborhoods ; and, more importantly, graffiti art had a positive impact on community development. Today, the artists Pose 2 and Chor Boogie represent a novel approach to public arts with their advanced technique of painting with aerosol. Their award-winning work is featured in every major city around the United States. Albus Cavus manages Raritan River Art Walk in New Brunswick NJ and is in process of opening additional art parks in Newark, NJ, San Diego, CA and Washington, DC.

In Dubai, a fast growing modern city, public spaces play an important role. What was neglected in American urban development during their boom in early 1950’s must be brought to light, emphasized and embraced in this cosmopolitan and culturally-rich metropolis. “As the city grows, Dubai has a tremendous potential to become an inspiration for global public art and user-friendly urban design that avoids negative public spaces,” said Peter Krsko. The group’s schedule of this two-week trip is packed with workshops and art demonstrations. A series of art happenings organized in collaboration with The Jam Jar, a Dubai-based gallery and community arts center, will explore the arts in public sphere through discussions in creative settings that will involve interactive mural and multimedia presentation with Dubai artists.

Albus Cavus, a non-profit organization utilizes arts to:

  • Promote development of strong and healthy communities by involving the residents in projects that result in improved public, gathering and common spaces.
  • Design and develop novel interactive and participatory art projects in public space.
  • Reinvent existing public spaces that are underutilized, neglected and abandoned.
  • Cultivate healthy development of young residents through practical experience in complex projects that encourage team work and democratic process.
  • Support artistic excellence by providing necessary consulting services, supplies and mentorship to emerging artists.

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  1. Jaki Mathews Says:
    October 26th, 2008 at 6:28 pm

    I don’t know if this will go directly to you so I’m going to email you from another place….Jaki Mathews

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