fab lab rocks laser graffiti, with graffiti art students!

Sunday, November 30th, 2008 at 11:43 pm

Wow is what I have to say about last weekends adventure at the 43rd street, farmers market where the students from the San Diego Art Academy, Graffiti the art form class, were invited to participate with the Fab Lab. Fab Labs, or Fabrication Laboratories, are located around the globe, everywhere from rural India, where community members invented a bicycle that converts kinetic energy into electric energy. Fortunately there’s one right hear in San Diego, in City Heights, and the sweet thing is that its open to the public!

The initial idea was to create some laser graffiti, well ok stencils created on a laser cutter. So the night before the event I went over to fab lab and created some crazy fresh stencils. It was amazing to learn the process and see the machines in action producing my ideas…

Saturday at the market was awesome the students had the opportunity to show off their emerging skills and meet a bunch of amazing Artist and Inventors. Furniture designer, Brian…. Creator of the Rubix Snake Table offered the students an opportunity to collaborate with him. For most of the students it was there first time painting a 3d object.  New ideas flourished from this conversion of artists. Our students and Brian are planning to work together on some more projects in the near future.

Overall this was a great event, who would have known a farmers market could be so fun and inspiring! …  special thanks to my peoples Xavier, Katy and Fabiola, from Fab Lab, I’ll be back I have some more ideas to explore!!!

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