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Tuesday, September 16th, 2014 at 11:13 pm

Inceptions Reflection

Inception was the first title given to the Mural Project, featuring Werc, Isaias Crow, CHORBOOGIE and myself Maxx Moses. I chose this title for a number or reasons, 1st because I really enjoyed the Movie Inception and the concept of dreaming on many different levels and I often describe the abstract nature of painting to have the ability to take our minds into different layers of ourselves with just a glance. My second reason for the title is its meaning, beginning and birth. It reminded me of a project we all worked on years ago titled La Entrada, where we first discovered our collaborative magic. When awarded this opportunity to paint such a huge wall amongst the skyscrapers smack in the middle of downtown, I thought wow this is going to Make Maxx Moses so large! But this idea was short lived when I reevaluated my life’s purpose.crol
For only 2 months ago I birthed this idea for a new book titled “Bigger Than Me” which focuses upon documenting the exchange of information ideas and inspiration between myself Maxx Moses and those whom I’ve collaborated with. Ranging from Professional Artist to students, Universities, corporate clients and Non Profit organizations. A dialogue if you will, uncovering the nuances of the creative process. Highlighting the struggles and triumphs that have help shape our perceptions and propel us to to continue living purpose driven lives. skyscraping
We artist are intense beings with a strong sense of individuality and creative vitality which often ensues fantastic beauty and fierce rivalry. “Bigger Than Me” brought me back to my destiny and made me think about collaborating once again. But it presented a real challenge for me and I fought against the idea and thought perhaps I could design it myself, hire some people to fill it in then sign my name to it. Fortunately my inner being, my deeper self was strong enough to recognize that this project was “Bigger Than Me” and had to be completed as a collaboration.

Inceptions Reflection
While painting the wall all the glass buildings surrounding us began reflecting back our painting as we too where reflecting on our past accomplishments, experiences, shortcomings and growths. Thus the complete title of the mural is “Inceptions Reflection”.

inceptions reflectioncropped

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