Education Observation

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010 at 12:34 am

Education Observation

For a brief period of time throughout my artistic career my financial success had been based largely upon doing commercial work, mural sign painting for companies like Reebok Heineken Adidas and more. Throughout 2004 and 2005 these projects consumed the majority of my time and creativity. Once moving the California in 2006 the creative shift began to take form and my inner voice demanded to be heard.

In may, 2010 SEDC and the City of San Diego Commissioned Pose 2 aka Mr. Maxx Moses to create a mural at the intersection of 35th and National Ave. The project titled Education Observation is a 500 square foot mural. When visiting the store owners Judy and John of Lew’s Chinese food they mentioned that there was a school at the end of the street and that there business had been there for 50 years so they wanted to have some art that had some essence of education attached to it.

“Personally I feel my artistic vision encompasses so much that to the onlooker there is always an open door of visual opportunity ”. In efforts to relate to the storeowner’s ideals I came up with the title Education Observation. Artistically I wanted to stick to MY TRUTH. I claim to be a Concrete Alchemist meaning my art transforms communities and my visual imagery and encoded subconscious messages evoke the “great spirit”.
However was required to submit a sketch to the Storeowners for approval and this is where I became afraid and doubtful. Would they like my idea? Is it too wild? I’m I too wild? Where does my art fit in? Reluctant but determined I submitted the sketch but got no response. I then decided to call Judy and ask her what she thought about the sketch? She said “well its very colorful and different very different truthfully I don’t no what to think, let me sleep on it and I will get back to you”. Immediately my doubts were confirmed fear kicked in and I felt I had to make some changes and I mentioned to her that I would. That night I tried to make some changes but it just didn’t feel right. So I left it alone got quiet, still and stopped and said to myself, trust yourself trust your style trust your vision… allow
The next day I spoke to Judy and she said she sent the sketch over to her sister who is an artist… and she loved it! Wow that’s amazing, Now Judy was on board. She then asked me did you do any revisions? I mentioned that I tried but nothing came out. I began to tell her about my process and how I work and what my work means to me. I explained to her that sketches for me were just ideas and concepts that I used as a map to get me to the wall. Now that I was at the wall it was uncharted land just waiting for me to cover with color. From the moment I began to the moment it was complete it was pure act of creative joy… Even scraping the wall, which took 2 days of hard labor and I used as a meditation.
In essence this mural titled Education Observation is my gift to the community and also a gift to myself … for I had the opportunity to observe myself grow.
Thanks Judy and John, Chris Jones, Anna brown and Bob Green, thanks Nikyta, Carlos and Miguel Godoy This project was filled with fun and great company…

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