The Final Touch

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013 at 9:10 pm

Museum Of Public Art
“The Final Touch”

As mentioned in the first part of this blog post Kevin Harris, invited Pose 2 about a year ago to. June 14th was the day I arrived in Baton Rouge ready to paint the Museum of Public Art. I’d just come of a 30 day fast from spray painting, (I wanted to give my lungs a break from the fumes) and was hungry to get back in the flow. Initially Kevin Harris wanted me to do a solo project on a wall that was 60×16 feet, so that’s what I was preparing for. Then he had a change of plans. ChorBoogie a long time friend and collaborator had begun painting a huge Wildstyle, Pharaoh in the center of the wall leaving the two sides incomplete. Kevin really enjoyed the collaborations between chorBoogie and Maxx Moses and felt it would be awesome to see this chemistry reunited once again. As I prepared for this project I was considering, what would work well with this dynamic centerpiece? The solution was simple letters; only letters could complement this wall and give it “The Final Touch. “ I recognized that Kevin invited Pose 2 and this identity is known for doing unusual letters. This has to be the biggest Pose 2 piece I’ve ever done and in doing this I reached back to some old sketches for inspiration. This collaboration is special for us because it symbolizes a tribute to our artistic lineage as Writers of Modern Hieroglyphics and our ancestry as the original kings of this Planet, The Pharaoh.
Once all the painting was done I contacted Chor and asked him what was the deal with the angry Pharaoh and he said “nah man he’s not angry but balanced another form of releasing inner rage or inner happiness… like Kali, expresses screams with the tongue out as well, that’s why one half is a mind explosion of colors the other half is the realistic aspect but two together creates this form of balance, a perspective that screams all sorts of feelings.”
There are no coincidences in this life. I ran into Chor the other day in the T-Mobile store and he had hieroglyphics tattooed on his neck… and there I was attempted to read them but couldn’t quite make out what it said…I guess I have more studying to do Earth Center, ill be back soon.

The Earth Center is a school for Kemetic (Egyptian) spirituality and philosophy.

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