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While in Baton Rogue Louisiana I had the opportunity to work again with the Museum of Public Art collaborating with a group of 20 teenagers to create two murals. The first project we titled “Unlock Your Mind” a colorful symbolic gesture to the community at large and specifically the students creating it. For many of them it was there first real adventure in bringing a mural to fruition and creating intuitively meaning we had no idea of what we were going to create it was all done on location. It took 4 days of four hour sessions to complete this project and I personally invested a lot of energy in making sure this looked good however I still wanted the wall to have the quality of the teenagers energy. The students and community both were pleased.
The second mural “How We See The World” was truly an eye opening experience. This project I decided I wouldn’t have so much control over. My plan was to develop the sketch and from there let the students take charge. I choose this approach because I wanted the students to think for themselves and escape the oppression of always being told what to do; this type of programing is limiting and doesn’t present a challenge to our youth. My one requirement was that the students bring a pen and paper to work each day and write about how they seen the world. I was fascinated and yet troubled at how they seen the world.h1H2H3H4H5
Each morning we began in a circle, our conversations were filled with poetry, emotional outburst and deep thoughts. On this project everyone got pushed to the limit, for some it brought out the worst for others it brought out their best. The students and staff were totally challenged to create on their own. Each day it was nearly 100 degrees and at the end of the day I have to admit I too was drained. The outcome of this mural reflects that it wasn’t about how beautiful the mural became but the process of the becoming. Despite all these challenges I realize there was nothing more valuable then those morning circles, that was the beauty that was the painting, we painted in each other’s minds… Unscene Wildstyles

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