Electrogynous is Pure electricity

Sunday, October 29th, 2017 at 11:33 pm

Last year a group of talented souls, dancers, poets, painters and digital visionaries, were all brought together by D. Sabella Grimes to work on his project ELECTROGYNOUNS. This weekend his living dream came to fruition during the LAX FESTIVAL within the Bootleg Theater. A collaboration of light, sound forms and movement captivated the audience with lyrical gestures of texture. Perhaps this is why I enjoy theater so much. The beautiful blend of professionals working together styles complementing each other to generate a oneness of visual expertise. What else could it be called other than ELECTROGYNOUS?

I arrived in Los Angeles on Sunday October 8th. exhausted but excited about how I would collaborate once again with this incredible group of talented souls. I awoke Monday morning and decided to walk to the Bootleg Theater it felt good being in LA again its been along time since i’ve been back. Along my walk to the theater I passed this Carpet Store and outside they were throwing out all the carpet tubes. The owner seen me eyeballing them and said you can have them, you can have them all. Hmmm I thought I could use these in the performance some how!

The first question that came to mind was could we hang anything from the ceilings in the theater. The answer was yes!!!
Randomly I began cutting these forms into different sizes then in sized order I placed them on the ground and began tying them together. The real challenge was figuring out how to get this structure off the ground into the air successfully. Fortunately Katelyn the wonderful production manager had all the know how and insight to raise this baby up.

But something wasn’t quite right to me the structure itself was hung but it wasn’t dynamic. After walking around the structure i realized it was hanging backwards all the dynamic energy of the sculpture was not facing the audience. So I took the whole structure down and flipped it. Halfway done Sabella walks into the theater and he was like man you was piece is at his eye level and he says it looks great right where it is. I was like really? The dancers will bump into it was my concern. But he was cool with it right where it was. He began interacting with it speaking through the tubes I was stoked.

There is something powerful about working with Artist that allow your imagination
and creative freedom the ability to breathe dance and play… magic happens.

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