RAZZ LAW1 The legacy lives…

Sunday, December 20th, 2015 at 2:55 pm

In 2012 the legendary Philadelphia, Graffiti Writer and good friend of mine Razz 1, transitioned to the afterlife. Razz’s presence in Philadelphia was prolific and Gigantic his simple readable but stylish Tag could be found in nearly every neighborhood throughout Philly. From the 70’s throughout the 90’s his name shined. But writing wasn’t his only claim to fame. Razz aka Ahmed, was a father an entrepreneur and social activist. Right in the heart of Philadelphia on South Street he and his wife Nandi, Co-operated The Pearl Of Africa, where they sold all the greatest Afrocentric apparel and accessories. Equally important the Pearl Of Africa’s upstairs location was used for lectures where the most notable black scholars, metaphysicians and healers would come to enlighten and inspire the hearts and minds of Philadelphians. It was a ripe time in Philadelphia and Razz was a savvy businessman who seized the opportunity to provide for his family and feed his community seamlessly. His presence and store are greatly missed but his spirit and name, Lord Razz Law1, forever lives.

Earlier this Mat Mathai, of Chemspace contacted me. Mat is a great collector of my art and many other Writers artworks throughout the country, including Razz, us three have been friends for years. He said pose it been a long times since I’ve purchased one of your paintings and a lot has changed, like your new identity to Maxx Moses, and the transition of our dear friend. I mentioned to him Leon Rainbow and myself had just done a rest in peace for the lord Razz in South Philly only weeks ago in my old neighborhood and how his presence was fresh in my mind. Mat said Pose I like the direction your Art is moving in and I want to commission a new painting that reflects the energy of Pose 2 and the magic of Maxx Moses. However in the mist of this creation think of our dear friend Razz let his eternal presence shine through this painting brilliantly.

While creating this piece I was wondering how and where to place Razz’s name within the painting and just couldn’t figure it out, so I just kept painting and as I was three quarters of the way complete with the painting I reached back to look at all the emails Mat and I exchanged. I found an image of one of Razz’s paintings Mat sent to me and decided to make mini versions of the painting. I printed and pasted them all along the sides of the entire canvas. Yeah this felt right Razz was not just about how good his name looked but how often you seen it!

When I daze upon this painting I see the Lord Razz resting in his sarcophagus being charioted away into the afterlife by the letters, by style and by royalty, his friends and family. Therefore I title this piece “The procession of Lord Razz.” Long live the King… your essence is eternal your name indelible, your legacy lives…


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