Maxx Moses and “The Ignorance Economy”

Thursday, February 21st, 2013 at 3:07 pm


Who do you think you are?

I probably spend too much time alone these days contemplating… so I have many questions derived from states of confusion panic and unknowing. The beauty is that I am not alone for you too are human and suffer. My father always said “there is a time and place for everything.” So who do you think you are? We tend to think our personalities habits likes and dislikes define who we are. And If you asked a group of ten people who say they know you well most likely they each would have a different perception of you. So our perceptions really are only opinions, personal observations subject to change, emotion and manipulation. So who really are we?

On one of my deepest spiritual journeys I ventured inward into a space of nothingness. My body had no form but I was aware, not lonely or sad just full with emptiness. At that moment I said to myself “I Am No Thing.” I realized that all the ideas we have developed about ourselves are just brief summations of experiences and what feels familiar and comfortable to us we attach onto like an insecure child relies on his blanket. So we’ve built a world that caters to our insecurities. Our self worth esteem and value is determined upon how much insecurity we can attain… I call this the The Ignorance Economy… I LIVE TO CREATE
Maxx Moses

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