Maxx Moses Solo Exhibition

January 1st, 2014 | mrmaxxmoses

Good Morning America

Good Morning America is a collection of paintings by Mr. Maxx Moses designed to shine light on the red white and Blues of the “American Dream”. This collection of paintings will be a departure from his dreamy palatable abstract expressions. they will disturb your emotions and evoke the taboo. This historical interpretation “Good Morning America” revisits slavery, religion, political ideology and of course sex.
The goal of this exhibition is to create an installation of about 16 large- scale paintings along with conceptual products and videos, all infused with an eerie twist of satire inciting us to reflect upon the symbolism, and spiritual dogma we have been conditioned to live with and ingest as the truth.
frontgma copybackgma

Private Commissions

December 30th, 2013 | mrmaxxmoses

here are a few of the private commissions done on canvass created this year. It was a challenge getting these done in between all the mural work this year so a special thanks goes out to my clients who where patient during the process.
cosmic love eternal blisssmbluein thefacesmbrazilsm

San Diego Got Style…

December 3rd, 2013 | mrmaxxmoses


Last weekend at the Writerz Blok, the San Diego Graff Writers, B-boys, Emcees and Djays all came together to rock the house. Its a pleasure to bask in the sunshine of the art form we created, maintain and practice. Big Ups Writerz Blok and Izzy from Wild Style Technicians for making this years event a continued success. Rock On San Diego…
izzy in actionbugie in actionArestzaneTCR CREWpose 2

Angels in Virginia, says Maxx Moses

November 29th, 2013 | mrmaxxmoses

Last year I had the opportunity to paint the wall above the elevator at the brand new Angelika Theater in Fairfax Va. This year they invited me back again to paint upstairs in their newly renovated lounge area. It has been a pleasure working with the staff at this location and of course Mazi of Word Beats & Life who organized it all. Big Ups to my entire east coast family, it’s always a pleasure spending between gigs catching up with you all. PEACE

Don’t Bite… Go Deeper

October 28th, 2013 | mrmaxxmoses

“DON’T BITE GO DEEPER” is dedicated to all of those who are seeking to find a STYLE outside of your SELF… go deeper baby

After months of travel throughout the country its finally good to come home rest recharge and create something for myself. Presently I’m working on my 2014 Solo Exhibition… “GOOD MORNING AMERICA” which promises to be the most disturbing and thought provoking work I’ve ever created… so I have to go in deep and this weekend after Seeing the movie “12 Years a Slave” and the play “The Tallest Tree In The Forest I took a break from my canvass work and finally finished this one… enjoy.
dont' bite 2don't bite3don't bite... go deeper

Yoga Style… this is how you POSE 2 Do It

October 4th, 2013 | mrmaxxmoses

Finally Maxx Moses completes his 60×15 ft. mural that reflects his personal commitment to Yoga. This painting is at the Chula Vista Yoga Center in San Diego Ca. Here is one of the places where the transformation begins… and never ends. the first time i painted this wall was in 2007 when i arrived in Cali. The wall got Dissed and i had to re-do it. This challange forced me to push harder and dig deeper within… As we do in class. Thanks Chula Vista Family for allowing me the opportunity to show how i express myself in Cali. beginyjygdetailsEarth center524135_567161219984139_1383426777_n

Graffiti Hall of Fame

October 1st, 2013 | mrmaxxmoses

The Graffiti Hall of Fame

When Subway Art legends, Part and Joey of TDS Crew invited me to paint the main wall within the Graffiti Hall of Fame I was honored. The date was set for August 24th. 2013 and thus far the summer had been packed with painting and cross -country travelling. I was creating a mural in Rochester New York when I found out that I was invited to paint the biggest wall within the Graffiti Hall of Fame. Initially I suggested Binho, from San Paulo Brazil to collaborate with me since we had been working together in Rochester. He was excited to join the project but had to return back to Brazil to complete a bunch of art projects of his own. It was in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where I met Chemis, from the Czech Republic, as we were painting on the historic Lincoln Theater together. While developing a creative partnership he told me had made reservations to travel to New York. I was like oh really… guess what I’ve been invited to paint the big wall in the Graffiti Hall of Fame! Want to join me? Yes of course he replied.

New York City has always been the center of Graffiti/Spray Paint Culture and the Graffiti Hall of Fame holds a special place within the heart and mind of every writer worldwide. So it was a challenge developing a concept that would have a lasting impression while measuring up to all the great art that had been done there in the past. However I was determined to accomplish my goal of bringing a meaningful piece of ART and soul back to New York, a city who’s people are exposed to high levels of stress and anxiety. Therefore we chose colors that were energetic powerful and healing, purples oranges and greens, with red as the center. Like a work out and a meditation combined I practically buffed the entire wall by myself. For 3 days Chemis and I worked diligently on the background for before the other artist arrived and we were glad for this. We really didn’t have a total plan in place so I we didn’t want the pressure of other artist questioning what we were doing at the time. All I knew was that I wanted to create a heart in the center of the wall to symbolize New York as the Heart of Graffiti and I wanted to say something that paid tribute to our journey as Writers and authors of a movement that has inspired and entire generation to create and fight for their freedom of expression.
pose 2perspectiveclose upflitepoemopenhearted

Lincoln Theater gets a face lift

August 23rd, 2013 | mrmaxxmoses

The historical Lincoln Theater

The Historical Lincoln Theater, which is now closed, still stands as a beacon of cultural significance in Baton Rouge Louisiana. Since 1956 the theater has been a venue for African Americans to enjoy movies and live performances. In 1986 due to an economic nosedive the theater closed. Kevin Harris, the Director for the Museum of Public Art (which is right across from the Lincoln) has always wanted to create a mural on that building. In efforts to revitalize the Lincoln and the surrounding community, this July that Dream came to fruition, with the coordination of Kevin Harris, of MOPA, Brenda Perry of the revitalization committee and Todd Teepell, from the City of Baton Rouge.
Dmitri, aka Chemis and I had the grand opportunity to be the ones to actually paint this dream. The theme for the wall is History Music Art and Culture. By the way that’s James Brown, as Soul Broth Chemis painted on the wall, in his younger days.

pose 2 Chemis

pose 2 Chemis





August 21st, 2013 | mrmaxxmoses

July 2013 was filled with travel and art galore. Wall Therapy hosted By Ian Wilson, the Yard collective and 1975 galleries was definitely a highlight of the summer. Who would know that Rochester, the city that Change and Pose 2 pioneered spray paint culture back in the early 80’s would now host such a dynamic art event? Thirty international Street Artist were invited to create over 50 murals in one week, it was a phenomenon. The days were long hot and packed with painting and at the end of each day I was truly exhausted but once we all gathered together to eat dinner the energy of all these creative souls electrified and inspired me beyond my weariness.
I had the grand opportunity to work along side Binho, from San Paulo Brazil, Change my first collaborative partner, and Range FUA, who lives in Rochester and grew up watching us Paint. This collaboration exists along the El Camino trail on East Ridge road, behind Salvador’s Pizza.







Once I received an invitation to paint at Wall Therapy I began to reflect and realize it was thirty years ago that I was a student at SUNY Brockport College, pledging a Fraternity, Airbrushing at All Day Sunday during the day and bombing the streets of Rochester at night. So returning to Rochester after all this time was monumental. The eighties was a significant time in my life, Hip Hop culture was in its pioneering stage and on the other side of the coin was the birth of Crack. We were the ones who shifted the paradigm within the social fabric of America; Rap music made you listen and Graffiti made you look. 30 years later and the art has gotten bigger bolder and even more exposure. In the words of Biz Markie “Dam it feels good to see people up on it”

detail of pose2

detail of pose2

"underneath it all"


August 13th, 2013 | mrmaxxmoses

While in Baton Rogue Louisiana I had the opportunity to work again with the Museum of Public Art collaborating with a group of 20 teenagers to create two murals. The first project we titled “Unlock Your Mind” a colorful symbolic gesture to the community at large and specifically the students creating it. For many of them it was there first real adventure in bringing a mural to fruition and creating intuitively meaning we had no idea of what we were going to create it was all done on location. It took 4 days of four hour sessions to complete this project and I personally invested a lot of energy in making sure this looked good however I still wanted the wall to have the quality of the teenagers energy. The students and community both were pleased.
The second mural “How We See The World” was truly an eye opening experience. This project I decided I wouldn’t have so much control over. My plan was to develop the sketch and from there let the students take charge. I choose this approach because I wanted the students to think for themselves and escape the oppression of always being told what to do; this type of programing is limiting and doesn’t present a challenge to our youth. My one requirement was that the students bring a pen and paper to work each day and write about how they seen the world. I was fascinated and yet troubled at how they seen the world.h1H2H3H4H5
Each morning we began in a circle, our conversations were filled with poetry, emotional outburst and deep thoughts. On this project everyone got pushed to the limit, for some it brought out the worst for others it brought out their best. The students and staff were totally challenged to create on their own. Each day it was nearly 100 degrees and at the end of the day I have to admit I too was drained. The outcome of this mural reflects that it wasn’t about how beautiful the mural became but the process of the becoming. Despite all these challenges I realize there was nothing more valuable then those morning circles, that was the beauty that was the painting, we painted in each other’s minds… Unscene Wildstyles

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